Rules, Yes We Have A Few

Yes, we have to have a few of them!
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It is my objective to keep this message board a fun and friendly place where everyone is welcome. I don't want it to be burdened with a bunch of rules and regulations. You are free to post any of your craft projects that you like, regardless of the technique or software used to create it. I don't look for this message board to replace the Cricut board, and I myself will still frequent there. I just wanted everyone to have a place to share their creativity and friendships without fear of their posts being deleted. You are a bunch of very talented people and I truly enjoy seeing all the projects and learning new techniques that you offer.

With that said, I do have one very important rule that I feel must be posted, and will be enforced.

1. Treat each other with all times! I will not bend on this rule whatsoever. There is simply no reason to be mean, rude, or disrespectful to anyone. If you can't find something nice to say....then please just move on and don't say anything at all!

Violations of this rule will result in the following actions:

You will be given ONE warning.....if it happens again, you will be banned from this message board. Not trying to be mean, just not gonna deal with it.

Just have a lil' respect for me and everyone here...that's all I ask!
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